Business & Employment

We work with owners and employers to buy and sell their business quickly, advise upon and take appropriate due diligence steps for your peace of mind and future financial security. An employer may need robust policies for absenteeism, IT and confidentiality for workplace efficiency. Equally, an employee may need to understand his or her rights

Businesses should promote good practice at work with clear and fair policies and procedures. Stay on the right side of employment law with effective risk analysis to make the right decisions and prevent incidents before they arise.

When you want to sell or buy a business, we can:

  • Take you through the transaction with efficiency
  • Draft commercial contracts, partnership agreements
  • Advise upon Winding up your business and Succession Planning

Protect your business against potentially expensive disputes. We can mediate to resolve small or major issues at your workplace. We can help you to be as prepared as possible and provide:

  • Mediation in workplace issues
  • Protection for your business with robust policy and procedure
  • Contracts and settlements
  • Protection for your business clients with effective restrictive covenants
  • Practical advice for HR matters of recruitment, redundancy, sickness and absence
  • Ways to manoeuvre disciplinary and grievance issues
  • For Everyone’s Safety – As the nature of our work requires mainly internet access and phone communication, our staff operates a blended system of home and office working. More Information