Family and Business

Difficulties in relationships can result in serious personal and financial problems which are highly stressful and emotionally challenging. When a relationship breaks down, there are so many things to consider, not least the immediate arrangements for children or how to secure the family business, so there is a need for sympathetic yet realistic and timely advice.

Family-run businesses may be at risk when partners fall out. The income from the business may be integral to pay the bills. The family home, land, cars or horses and stables may be wrapped up with the business or perhaps only a Husband owns the business with his family or other directors and a Wife wants to leave..

We can help you to work through difficulties upon the breakdown of a relationship with:

  • Separation and Divorce advice
  • Financial settlements
  • Cohabitation rights and setting up agreements
  • Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial contracts
  • Business succession planning
  • Sale and purchase of SMEs or assets in a business

It may be that the Mediation process of informally discussing both points of view at an early stage could help identify the root cause of your problems and result in settling your differences. If this is not the case, we will advise and represent you throughout the process towards the most beneficial settlement possible, either around a table or in court.

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